Storage and care

Less Wash, Longer Life

Please keep in mind that it is best to wash your clothing as little as possible. Washing your clothes too much can wear out the fabric and overall negatively impact its overall durability due to repeated cycling and rinsing. Rather than washing your clothes after each use, try to use alternative methods such as spot cleaning, airing, or using a lint roller when applicable. Please continue to wash your clothing whenever necessary, but try to also be mindful of when it is necessary and when it can simply be cleaned through other methods.

Eco-Friendly is clothing friendly

To protect both your clothing and the environment, look for eco-friendly laundry options while avoiding harmful bleach and softener products. Eco-friendly laundry products are just as effective as traditional laundry products and come with the added benefit of being safer for both the environment and your clothing health. Bleach can potentially damage your products and softeners can change the overall quality of your clothing by covering it in a thin film that affects the breathability and moisture absorbency. Make sure to also fill your washing machine to avoid wasting water and energy, but do not overfill the machine as large loads can cause friction, which can wear out the products more quickly.

How to Wash Carefully

Please refer to the individual care label inside your Team Liquid apparel product. We recommend washing your clothing in low heat or cold water to avoid shrinkage or discoloration. Please remember to separate your clothing between light and dark colors, while also being careful to use different machine functions depending on fabrics. Please be mindful of washing with colors such as red as these colors tend to bleed onto other fabrics if they are washed and dried together.

Drying Your Clothes

One of the most important steps to consider in washing your clothing is the drying process. Be sure to remove your clothing from the washing machine as quickly as possible to avoid mold and mildew from growing. Try to hang dry your clothing to avoid heat damage while also saving energy that comes from using a washing machine. Hang drying clothes is known to preserve and even extend the life of your clothing vs. using a dryer machine. If necessary, try to use the lower heat options on your drying machine to avoid heat damage to your clothing. Always remember to empty your filter before drying to make sure your machine is working as efficiently as possible, and to reduce fire hazards.


Always aim to treat stains on clothing as soon as possible. The natural materials we use in our apparel, such as cotton, will absorb substances and will begin to set. The longer you wait to treat the stain, the harder it will be to get rid of it.

There is no end-all cure to ridding your apparel of a stain. Here are some tips you can follow to help with stain removal:

  • Hot or warm water is not always the right solution, as it can actually set stains and make it harder to remove them. Hot or warm water is recommended for fatty stains only. Other stains from coffee, chocolate, ketchup, blood, etc. should be rinsed with cold water instead.
  • Try to avoid using bleach and other harsh stain removers, as they can in fact damage the fabric itself. If treatment is not enough, try taking your clothing to a cleaner to get it professionally cleaned and to avoid damaging it any further.