• EU Customers Should Shop on the EU Store always
    • No customs fees
    • No import messiness
    • Faster shipping
    • Same quality, same products

  • The EU store will feature all the same product types you’ve come to expect from the Team Liquid store including core heritage, athletics, and collabs

  • The EU store isn’t a one for one in terms of product offering at launch, but we’re building up to this. 

  • Liquid x Naruto Launch Collection will be available at the launch of the EU store for the first time to European customers 
    • NA customers can’t order

  • Moving forward, MAJOR drops will be released simultaneously across North America and EU


Q: When will the EU store get new drops?

We will do select multi-region launches throughout the year wherein all of our regional storefronts will launch products in close time with one another!

Q: How do I access the EU store? 

store.teamliquid.eu or via automatic redirect at store.teamliquid.com 

Q: What currency is the EU store in? 

Euros and Sterling

Q: Where is our fulfillment center located? 

Slovak Republic

Q: What additional fees will European customers incur? Customs? Taxes? 

As long as you are in the EEA you should have no additional taxes and customs related fees!

Q: What are the regulations around shipping to the UK? 

Due to the UK’s departure from the EEA, shipments from our EU store to the UK will be subject to additional duties and fees. 

Q: What countries (if any) are excluded from the shipping benefits of the EU storefront? 

Countries outside of the European Single Market may be subject to additional fees. 

Q: What kind of shipping costs can be expected? 

Shipping costs are based on delivery location, weight, and size of items. This will be shown at checkout! 

Q: How long will it take for my shipment to reach me depending on the region? 

This is entirely dependent on your location! You will receive a shipping estimate at the time of your order. 

Q: Will the European store have the exact same products as NA? 

We’re rolling out our product list over time in the EU storefront in order to ensure a perfect match in quality and garment. We won’t be one for one at the start, but it’s a goal we’re striving towards so let us know which products matter most to you!